Winning the Vietlott lottery in Dalat with a prize of VND 41.6 billion

Vietlott lottery has covered all provinces. Stories about winning Vietlott lottery also appear with higher frequency. This shows that playing Vietlott lottery is extremely easy to win. Many people have been able to change their lives thanks to these lottery tickets.

Recently, a lucky female customer won a prize of VND 41.6 billion from Vietlott lottery. The customer who won the vietlott award in Dalat has been awarded by Vietlott recently.

The lucky customer – Mrs. KT

In the 92st prize drawing of Mega 645, Vietlott found a lucky customer to win the Jackpot. This is a resounding event for Vietlott customers in Dalat. This special guest is Mrs. KT – a person with a permanent residence in Da Lat, Lam Dong. After self-comparing lottery results at home. Mrs. KT brought the winning ticket to Vietlott branch in Ho Chi Minh City to request a reward. This is a lottery ticket containing a set of numbers that coincides with the 92nd Jackpot Mega 6/45 result QSMT.

After receiving the information, Vietlott has conducted a system check to verify the ticket. The information and records of the ticket are clearly recorded on the system. Vietlott recognized that KT’s ticket had won a Jackpot prize worth VND 41.6 billion. The exact number of this award announced was VND 41,655,369,000. However, this is the value of the prize without personal income tax. But only with this number alone did it please the Vietlott players in Dalat.

It is known that this ticket of Mrs. KT was issued at D8 / 1A2 Nu Dan Cong Street, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Since after Mrs. KT was verified for winning the prize. Vietlott has announced the award date for this special guest. The number of people buying Vietlott lottery tickets has become more numerous. It is these winning events that make many players have more hope. Not only Vietlott in Da Lat, but also the surrounding areas, people, houses and houses also buy and participate more Vietlott.

The real value of the lottery ticket is 41.6 billion Jackpot

After deduction of personal income tax, the amount Ms. KT received was 37,490,832,100 VND. Mrs. KT is responsible for paying the government income tax. This tax is paid to the budget as prescribed. The tax amount to be paid in the locality where the winning ticket issuance point is sold. Therefore, thanks to the Vietlott lottery winner in Da Lat, the overall budget increased. After tax deduction, Mrs. KT will receive the prize money via bank transfer.

Vietlott lottery ticket selling point in Dalat

The award ceremony for Ms. KT took place in the presence of many state agencies. One of them is Representative of Department of Financial, Monetary and Investment Security (Ministry of Public Security), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Deloitte Vietnam, Berjaya Group, representative of agent / point of sale that issued the Jackpot prize. KT’s closest friends are also here. And the presence of reporters is indispensable.

At the request of Ms. KT, her personal information was kept confidential. Vietlott only publishes some basic information such as initials, residence, and photos of Ms. KT’s face. This is a perfectly reasonable request of the big prize winners. Mrs. KT was happy when she was a Vietlott winner in Da Lat. The award ceremony was held successfully in the witness and joy of many people. Vietlott’s awards are always appreciated for transparency and openness.

Address to buy Vietlott in Dalat

To bring many lucky opportunities for many people, we will summarize some of Vietlott’s buying addresses in Dalai below. All of these addresses are located in Dalat city, so you will surely find the fastest one.

The first point of our lottery we want to show you is the address at Le Dai Hanh Street. The detailed address is at 35 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. The second place of lottery selection is at 70A Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Da Lat, Lam Dong. This Vietlott lottery ticket shop in Dalat is visited by a lot of people.

Play Vietlott in Dalat

Currently, Vietlott has not launched the feature of buying lottery tickets online. Therefore, you should go to the official dealer to buy the fastest lottery tickets. The 3rd place of lottery selection in Dalat is located at 16 Khu Hoa Binh, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. The fourth place of lottery selection is at 1A Phan Boi Chau Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. Vietlott lottery ticket selling point in Da Lat is located at 156 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

Some other addresses are in areas such as Ward 1, Ward 8 such as: Lottery lottery No. 30 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. And the place of lottery selection No. 8 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Ward 8, Da Lat, Lam Dong.