We’re all greedy – but there’s a solution

By John Sage developer

The Zurich Axioms are methods to take calculated threats in investments that pay off whenever. This 2nd Axiom is on a little trait we all have: greed.
Let’s get this very first part out of the way: while you may desire to believe that people are basically “good-hearted,” “generous,” and “generous,” we all know from experience that’s not constantly real.
The only thing we can understand about individuals is that we’re all self-centered bastards. We all have that impulse for greed.

When we get it into our heads that the best thing for us is getting increasingly more wealth,and to hell with the rest,then we’re self-defeating.
Greed can make us overreach. Eventually,greed clouds our judgement,specifically when it comes to investing.
The initial step to conquering our greedy impulses is knowing them.

According to our pal,Max Gunther,the creator of the Zurich Axioms,the essential thing to bear in mind about greed is that it frequently presses us to take silly risks. His service?
� Constantly take your revenue too soon. Know when to fold and take your revenues without attempting another hand.

� Decide in advance what you want from an endeavour and when you get it,get out. Expect booms to end and anticipate them to end faster than the next guy believes they will.

Speculative Method: Do not keep hanging on,awaiting a wonderful peak. Instead,expect your winning streaks to be short and don’t stretch your luck.
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