Understanding Types of Online Slot Games

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Online slots differ in themes,bonus features,payouts,paylines and reels. Check out the difference between progressive and non-progressive slots.

Visit any online casino and chances are that you’ll be bowled over by the huge range of online slot games available. The types of online slot games offered will naturally depend on the software provider and the online casino,but a good rule of thumb is that good sites bring you a wide range of games so that there is always something to enjoy,especially the slot machines that have your favorite movie theme.
What types of online slot games will you discover at online casinos?

3 Reel Slot Machines

These classic slot machines are based on the traditional games found at terrestrial casinos. The original three reel slot machines featured one pay line,and these can often be found at online casinos as well. However,today it is not uncommon to find three reel,five pay line games. Three reel online slot machines will traditionally feature symbols which we’ve come to acquaint with true slots entertainment,such as bars,cherries,bells and,of course,the number seven.

5 Reel Slot Machines

While the basic common factor of these games is that they have five reels,the sky is the limit when it comes to the number of pay lines. Some online slot games even boast up to 100 pay lines! These slot games are known as video slots and software groups go to town when it comes to thinking up different themes and bonus features on these games. From ancient Greece to futuristic space travel,from national holidays to seasonal themes,from branded superheroes to famous singers – the themes of these games are endless and highly entertaining.

Bonus features in video slot machines are also worth a mention. They can include free spins,multipliers,wild symbols,scatter symbols,second screen bonus games and more.

Software providers will sometimes mix features in games so that some 3 reel slot machines,for example,will also feature wild symbols or bonus games.

Progressive vs. Non Progressive Slots

Players will also notice that some online casinos carry progressive jackpot slot games. These games are online slot games in every sense of the word,although the biggest difference is their jackpot. In a regular slot game,the top jackpot is a fixed amount and doesn’t change,however,in progressive jackpot games,the size of the jackpot increases (progresses) until it is hit.

Progressive slot games are usually part of a network,either on a casino floor,within a casino site or part of a software network. Every time a game in that network is played,the jackpot fund is added to and the sum grows. When one lucky player hits the jackpot,the sum returns to its minimum amount and will start to climb once more after that.

Progressive slot games have been known to pay out literally millions of dollars in prize money,with the biggest online slots sum paid out by Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune video slot game when a lucky Scandinavian player hit a massive €17 million jackpot in early 2013!