Tennessee Car Accident Laws That You Should Know

Have you been injured or has your car been damaged due to the fault of someone else in Tennessee? Having a knowledge of car accident laws in Tennessee will help you to get your due compensation. These laws play a huge role when you decide to report the accident to law enforcing agencies. To begin with,you have a specific time frame before which you can bring the lawsuit to court with help from a hurt in a car crash . This is known as the “statute of limitations” and is a state centric law. It does not matter if your vehicle is insured,as you have to either make a claim or provide the insurer notice of the incident that could trigger a claim quickly and within a reasonable time period.

There are certain lawsuits filing rules in Tennessee that could come into play post a car accident. Anybody hurt in the car crash,be it the passengers,the driver,a bicyclist,a pedestrian,or a motorcycle rider has to file a lawsuit against the individual who was allegedly responsible for the accident within a period of 1 year of the mishap taking place. In case someone lost his life due to the mishap,and his family members or his representative desires to file a wrongful death claim that has to be filed within 1 year as well,with the difference being that the clock starts ticking after the demise of the individual. All of this is why you need the best lawyer around.

However,in the scenario that the car accident was responsible for damage of the car or property,the owner of the vehicle have to file their lawsuit against the potential defendant within a period of three years from the date of the accident. Apart from the above points,the driver of the vehicle in accident in Tennessee has a period of 20 days to report the accident in writing to the Commissioner of Safety in case an individual was injured or was killed due to the accident,or if the damage caused to person or property is more than $1,500.