Sex Abuse Victims Can Sue The Perpetrator

It is difficult to move forward after experiencing sexual abuse. Most of the perpetrators are in positions of power whether in the home,school,or office. The victims fear for their safety and their future. They could be harassed into silence or chased away from where they are working. Every aspect of their lives can be turned upside down while the cause of their suffering goes on as of nothing happened. This can end. Sex abuse victims can sue the perpetrator with the help of a collecting monetary damages from a sex abuser .

Criminal Case and Civil Suit

In fact,there are two ways in which victims can get justice from the courts. The first is by filing a criminal case that can lead to a jail sentence for the offender. The second is by filing a civil suit that can lead to a just compensation for damages. Both are valid options. It is possible to launch one or the other depending on the victim’s decision. Filing a civil suit does not prevent the filing of a criminal case.

Greater Control

For a lot of victims,suing their perpetrator is the better option as they can exercise greater control over the conduct of the case. Civil suits are treated as private affairs so the government does not intervene in the prosecution. Victims may choose the level of detail that they are prepared to share to the public. They have a say in the legal strategy and other aspects of the suit,although the advice of a attorney for sexual abuse victims will be invaluable during this time.

Moral Victory

Although this will not lead to a jail sentence,the court can award the victim with a substantial compensation for the damages brought about by the perpetrator. Someone who has lost her job after sexual abuse at work will find this as a huge relief. The moral victory of having a favorable court decision is also priceless. It can be the first step towards financial,physical,mental,and emotional recovery.