How to Make Room in a Smaller Home

If you are like most people and have been watching home improvement shows on television,you may have noticed that one of the fastest growing trends in real estate is smaller homes. People are seeing the benefits of keeping things compact,allowing for a closer relationship with their loved ones,and not allowing space for the things they don’t need. House cleaning is much easier with smaller homes too!

However,if you decide to go that route,what do you do about storage? We all have items that we use seasonally,maybe even once a year,and they need to be put somewhere when not in use. In a small home this can prove to be very difficult. So,what can you do?

Decide What You Need

One question that many people need to ask themselves when trying to determine where to store their items is,”Do I even need this?” People will come up with excuses as to why they can’t throw something away,but it’s important to be honest with yourself and throw out,recycle,or donate the items they no longer want or need.

After all,the less you have,the less space you need for storage!

Expand Your Spatial Reasoning

Once you have figured out what you actually need,you still have to find a place to store them. Some people prefer to use a storage unit,garage,or shed for their items,and that certainly is an option,but it isn’t always practical. Not everyone has a shed or garage,and storage units can be pricey over time. So how do you find the space?

By thinking in three dimensions. Often times,people only see an area they want to store items and think of it in terms of length and width,but they forget about height. Shelving units,rods for hanging clothes,and stackable storage tubs are a great way to get the most out of your space. You will find that you can fit much more than you originally thought by using all three dimensions of your storage area efficiently.

This will lead to less clutter,and make it easier to clean your home whether you do it yourself or hire a maid service.[dcl=6335]